Infusionsoft review

There are many things that bother me about Infusionsoft and I will write about them in this review post. This is not a negative Infusionsoft review but I am just putting out what bothered me when signing up and using Infusionsoft.

First thing is that you cannot purchase an Infusionsoft plan directly, you have to call there sales representatives and schedule a call, where they will ask you a lot of questions. In my opinion this is an overkill and an unnecessary obstacle to overcome. I am not saying it is totally useless but some people don’t fell comfortable talking with sales people over the phone.

The other thing is that they don’t offer a free trial neither do they offer a money back guarantee so you could at least try out the software without any financial investment. This is odd and I guess it repels a lot of people who may not know exactly what they want. It is especially hard as the monthly price is far from cheap.

I am not saying that Infusionsoft is bad, accutally it’s a great tool but I would like to say that there are other tools out there that offer more flexibility for less money. I am not saying that they do everything better than Infusionsoft but even Infusionsoft is not perfect and everyone needs to find what fits best their business needs.



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